Italy LLM Resources

This page is a resource for Italian lawyers who would like to attend a U.S. LLM program or a U.S. based online LLM program.

Obtaining a U.S. Visa for Italian Students

Italian lawyers who want to enhance their knowledge of U.S. law are discovering the benefits of earning an LLM in U.S. Law degree from a law school in the United States. Following acceptance by a school that has been approved by the Attorney General, prospective LLM students can begin the process of obtaining an F-1 student visa that will permit them to live in the United States while they complete their degree.

Italians who are seeking U.S. student visas must apply at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy no more than 120 days before the start date of their academic program. Those who apply farther in advance will have their application held until 120 days before their program starts.

These are the steps and required documentation for a U.S. student visa:

  • Obtain a signed Form I-20A-B from the U.S. law school. This form certifies the eligibility of the future student for visa and establishes the start date of the academic program.

  • Gather documentary evidence showing sufficient financial resources for school and living expenses during the period that the applicant is in America. Evidence showing that the applicant is a permanent Italian resident with personal and professional ties who intends to return home after graduation may also be requested.

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires student visa applications to register with the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). A $200 fee is due with the registration.

  • Complete form DS-160, the official online visa application. A $160 fee is due with the form.

  • Schedule a visa interview. Applicants can schedule an interview for the current month or the following month. On the day of the interview, applicants should bring original versions of all required forms and receipts for all fees. They also must present a current passport and a passport-size color photo.

Complete details about the visa application process and the visa interview are available on the website for the United States Diplomatic Mission to Italy.

LLM Resources for Italian Lawyers

Lawyers who are interested in participating in an LLM program in the United States, will be pleased to know that there are a wide variety of LLM scholarships for international students.

While enrolled in U.S. law schools, Italian lawyers will find Italian-American legal organizations in most major cities. Examples include The Justinian Society in Philadelphia and the Italian American Lawyers Association in Los Angeles. These organizations serve Italian-American communities, support local bar associations, host networking events and provide continuing education opportunities. Italian law students also have the option of joining Italian-American law student associations that are chartered on many university campuses.