Republic of Korea LLM Resources

This page is a resource for South Korean lawyers who would like to attend a U.S. LLM program or a U.S. based online LLM program.

Obtaining a U.S. Visa for South Korean Students

Lawyers from the Republic of Korean who intend to earn an LLM in U.S. Law from an American law school must hold a non-immigrant student visa, known officially as an F-1 visa. The first step in obtaining an F-1 visa is being accepted into a U.S. LLM program.

Following law school acceptance, lawyers must submit the following materials when applying for an F-1 visa:

  • A confirmation page with a bar code indicating that the online DS-160 visa application form has been completed and the $160 visa fee has been paid; a recent 2″x2″ photograph of the applicant should be uploaded when the DS-160 form is submitted.

  • A passport valid for travel to the United States; the passport expiration date must be more than six months beyond the completion date for the applicant’s academic program.

  • Form I-20 from the college or university that has accepted the student for enrollment; this document verifies that the applicant intends to enroll in a U.S. school

  • Form I-901, which indicates that the student has registered with SEVIS (the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System); the SEVIS system is used to track visa holders during their U.S. residence; a receipt for the $200 SEVIS registration fee is also required.

U.S. visa laws stipulate that non-immigrant visa applicants must provide evidence of strong personal or professional ties to the Republic of Korea to show their intention to return to their home country after completing their academic program.

Applicants must also prove that they have adequate financial resources to cover tuition and living expenses while they complete their degree program.

Once the supporting documentation has been gathered, visa applicants can visit this U.S. State Department website to schedule a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy in Korea. Detailed information about applying for a U.S. student visa is available on the Department of State’s Apply for a U.S. Visa in South Korea website.

LLM Resources for South Korean Lawyers

Lawyers who are interested in participating in an LLM program in the United States, will be pleased to know that there are a wide variety of LLM scholarships for international students.

International Association of Korean Lawyers

Korean lawyers who are residing in the United States while completing an LLM degree can network with attorneys, judges and law students from Korea or of Korean descent through membership in the International Association of Korean Lawyers (IAKL). Association members are included in an online directory and have access to IAKL events.

Korean American Bar Association

Most major cities in the United States have chapters of the Korean American Bar Association (KABA), including KABA of Southern California, KABA of Chicago and KABA of Washington DC. These associations of legal professionals and law students promote the interests of Korean-American attorneys and assist the local Korean-American community in obtain legal representation. KABA chapters also fund scholarships and encourage networking between Korean-American lawyers and law students.

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