American University LLM

American University’s Washington College of Law offers these Master of Laws (LLM) programs:

International Legal Studies LLM

The International Legal Studies Program (ILSP) at Washington College of Law emphasizes the growing importance of international law. The program offers a flexible curriculum that allow students to select their own courses from the 45 or more courses offered each semester. The ILSP Program offers eight areas of specialization:

  1. International Business Law
  2. International Environmental Law
  3. International Human Rights Law
  4. Gender & the Law
  5. Free Trade Agreements & Regional Integration
  6. International Organizations
  7. International & Comparative Protection of Intellectual Property
  8. International Commercial Arbitration

International students looking to further their legal education can transfer up to 28 units from the LLM program to the school’s JD program upon completion of the LLM.

Washington College of Law also has established exchange programs with the international universities, allowing students to a dual LLM in International Legal Studies from their home university and Washington College of Law.

Law & Government LLM

The Law & Government LLM is designed for both U.S. and foreign-educated attorneys who have a strong interest in U.S. government and politics. The program offers specialization in:

  • Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice
  • Civil & Constitutional Rights
  • Business & Financial Regulation

Students with a JD or LLB can choose to pursue a certificate program to master a particular area of law without returning to school on a full-time basis.

Advocacy LLM

The Advocacy LLM is designed to prepare its graduates for all aspects of litigation. Students are afforded the flexibility they need to select courses that meet their differing needs and interests. It is a 24-credit program that can be pursued on a part-time or full-time basis.

Dual LLM in International Legal Studies and Law & Government

Upon the successful completion of the LLM in International Studies, students may apply to take an additional 16 credits to obtain a second LLM in Law & Government.

Dual LLM in International Legal Studies and Advocacy

Upon the successful completion of the LLM in International Studies, students may apply to take an additional 16 credits to obtain a second LLM in Advocacy.

Dual LLM/MBA Degree

American University offers a dual LLM/MBA degree program, the first dual degree program of its kind in the United States, through which LLM students can also gain an MBA from the Kogod School of Business. Students must complete 33 credits, including the Strategic Decision Making capstone course to fulfill the MBA degree in addition to the usual LLM degree requirements.

Dual LLM/MIS Degree

Another dual degree option American University LLM students can choose is to obtain a Master’s degree in International Service with the School of International Service. In addition to the usual LLM degree requirements, students must complete 24 credits for the MIS including 6 credit hours of Proseminar in International Affairs I and II and 6 credit hours of approved independent study.

American University English Programs

The Washington College of Law LLM Program offers two programs to help international students advance their English proficiency. The English for Lawyers Program is a noncredit language learning course required for students whose TOEFL scores fall below the accepted minimum but open to all students and is designed to familiarize future lawyers with legal English that will be necessary in the academic and professional worlds. Students receive Legal English Certificates upon completion of the program. The program is taught in combination with the course American Legal Institutions: Legal Research & Writing. American University also runs a Summer Legal English Program, an intensive approximately two-week program intended to give incoming LLM students a crash course in English reading, writing, and speaking skills for U.S. Contract Law involving exercises such as mock arbitrations and contract negotiations.

American University LLM Admissions

Each of the LLM programs at Washington College of Law has its own set of specific requirements for student admission. Students are admitted on a rolling basis and are encouraged to carefully consider their applications, as they may be eligible for a dual LLM or may desire to pursue a JD down the road. A complete application includes:

  • Completed application form, either through AU’s online system, LSAC, or paper
  • Official copies of academic records, including transcripts and certifications
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Official English proficiency testing results or proof of competency (accepted tests and minimum accepted scores are: for the TOEFL 580 paper-based or 93 online, for the PTE 63, for the IELTS 6.5, or the ILEC)
  • Application fee sent by check, U.S. money order, or traveler’s check (American Express, Barclay’s, and Thomas Cook are accepted)

If applying for dual degree programs such as the LLM/MBA or LLM/MIS program, send your application to the ILSP office first. From there, your application will be forwarded to the necessary offices of the Kogod School of Business or the School of International Service.

American University LLM Tuition

Tuition and fees vary at Washington College of Law based on the program selected by the student. Visit the Washington College of Law website to learn more about yearly American University LLM tuition and fees. Students should also anticipate the cost of living and transportation when calculating their budget for any of the LLM programs offered at Washington College of Law.

American University LLM Scholarships

The Washington College of Law offers several specific scholarships for American University LLM students.These include:

  • Alumni Fund Scholarship
  • Tuition Remission Scholarship
  • Summer Academy Scholarship
  • Inter-American Moot Court Scholarship
  • Women’s Health in Human Rights & the Western Hemisphere Scholarship
  • Grossman Scholarship

Scholarship applications must be submitted along with complete LLM applications, with the exception of the Grossman Scholarship, which is awarded to currently enrolled students in the ILSP program. Deadlines, requirements, and eligibility for scholarship applications vary by program, though most students who are awarded scholarships hold F-1 visas and are eligible for I-20s.

Students are also welcome to take advantage of outside aid options. For more information on scholarships for LLM students, visit our Scholarships for LLM Students page.

American University LLM Employment

American University LLM students have numerous opportunities to implement their academics in professional environments. Internships are one such option. The ILSP offers its students access to an internship database. Students can receive up to six credit hours (one credit hour earned per 70 internship hours) for both internships and independent study, though they can also choose to take internships without credit. Internships that are taken for credit must be unpaid and approved by the Office of Career and Professional Development. A sampling of organizations American University LLM students have interned at includes:

  • Amnesty International
  • American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Office of the Public Defender
  • Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees
  • World Bank

Prospective LLM students can learn more about American University LLM internships by contacting:

Melanija Radnovic
Room 122
Assistant Director, International Career Programs
American University Washington College of Law
Tel: 202.274.4097
Fax: 202.274.4096
Email American University:

Another option for students to gain professional experience is through Optional Practical Training (OPT), a one-year employment authorization the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service allows to students with F-1 visas.