Columbia LLM

Columbia Law School offers one Master of Laws (LLM) program to U.S. students who have received their JD and internationally trained attorneys who have completed the required courses in their home country for the practice of law. The Columbia LLM program is open to students from around the world but is particularly suited for native English speakers.

Students are able to customize their own LLM program to enhance their knowledge in their current practice area or to explore a new area of law. Columbia Law School offers courses in a wide range of legal subjects, from administrative law and public policy to gender and sexual legal studies; law and economics; and racial, economic and social justice. The progressive curriculum allows students to create an LLM that meets their personal career goals.

Columbia LLM Program

Columbia Law School’s LLM program is a 24-unit program that requires the completion of an LLM writing project. It is a two-semester program that requires full-time attendance at the law school. A thesis is not required, but students may use up to eight units for research and creation of publishable written work if they are interested. Students may also receive up to six units for graduate courses taken in other parts of Columbia University.

Foreign Attorney Requirements

Once admitted, Columbia Law School offers foreign-trained attorneys the opportunity to create an LLM of their choosing, insofar as exposure to the American legal system. Still, foreign students are required to take two courses in addition to the courses required for the LLM. These courses are:

  1. An introductory course on common law and the American legal system
  2. A course on legal research and writing

Columbia LLM Admission

Columbia Law School’s LLM program is open to students from the U.S. and abroad but focuses on native English speakers. The program also greatly prefers that students who apply have acquired one year of professional work experience under their belts after law school.

For graduates of law schools in the United States, Columbia Law School accepts graduates from ABA-accredited schools who have achieved honors in their undergraduate legal studies and have practice law for a minimum of one year. Students who have not graduated from law school must demonstrate that obtaining an LLM will help them realize an immediate career objective.

Applicants may submit their application for Columbia’s LLM Program to the Early Review Deadline in November. All applicants must submit the following materials:

  • Online application (supporting documents may be mailed)
  • Application fee paid by credit card, a U.S. bank check, traveler’s check, or postal money order made out to Columbia University
  • Official transcripts and diplomas from all attended universities
  • Resume/CV
  • Personal Statement
  • Application for Financial Assistance or Fellowships which require a separate application
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from law school professors, former employers, or supervisors
  • TOEFL iBT (minimum overall score 105, 26 on Reading and Listening and 24 on Speaking and Writing) or TOEFL/TWE (minimum overall score of 620, 59/60 on Structure/Reading and Writing, 60/61 on Listening, and 5.0 on TWE)

Columbia University LLM Tuition

When considering the cost of attendance at the Columbia LLM program, students should factor in living expenses and surplus charges in addition to tuition. Visit Columbia’s website to learn more about Columbia University LLM tuition.

Columbia University LLM Scholarships

Students who indicate that they are in need of financial aid receive automatic consideration for the following Columbia University LLM scholarships:

  • Charles B. Bretzfelder International Law Scholarship Fund
  • Charles B. Bretzfelder Constitutional Law Scholarship Fund
  • Center for Law and Economic Studies Fellowship
  • Burton Memorial Fellowship
  • Lawrence A. Wien Prize and Fellowship in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Joseph V. Heffernan Fellowship
  • Julius Silver Fellowship in Law, Science, and Technology
  • Fubon Fellowship Fund
  • Wolfgang G. Friedmann Memorial Fellowship
  • W. Bayard Cutting, Jr. Fellowship

Scholarship match, eligibility, and consideration for different scholarships and fellowships may depend on an applicant’s area of academic focus, past academic achievement, eventual career goals, and nationality.

In addition, there are three fellowships which require separate applications

  • The Appel Research Scholarship
  • The Appel Fellowship on the Regulation of the Multinational Enterprise
  • Human Rights LLM Fellowship

For more information on LLM scholarships, visit our Scholarships for LLM Students page.

Columbia University LLM Employment

The Office of Career Services and Professional Development at Columbia Law School provides a variety of resources to help students and alumni explore their career goals and find employment after graduation, including workshops, mock interviews, job fairs, networking events, career counseling, and a remote interview room. Many of the Office’s staffed career counselors are former lawyers. Columbia Law School hosts fall and spring on-campus interviews (OCIs) which corporations, government and public interest organizations, and law firms attend to recruit Columbia LLM students, and participates in the large yearly LLM Interview Program in January which global employers attend to meet students from the Columbia LLM program and from six other top law schools.

Columbia University LLM Contact Information

Office of Graduate Legal Studies
Columbia Law School
435 West 116th Street
Mail Code 4036
New York, N.Y. 10027-7297
Telephone: 212-854-2655
Fax: 212-854-9742
Email the Office of Graduate Legal Studies:
1125 Amsterdam Avenue
(corner of 115th St.)
Room 611 (6th Floor)